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I had Timber Mountain Technologies and Dayv Unruh put in our camera system in October 2016. Dayv came highly recommended by a cattle/horse breeder friend.  Dayv came to my house, discussed a plan and answered all my questions, along with a quote. He returned on time to later install and teach me how to run my system. Dayv has since called, texted and emailed me to make sure all my cameras are working well. His Customer Service is OUTSTANDING! I would recommend Timber Mountain Technologies and Dayv to anyone wanting video surveillance for their property.

Ryane Bakke, Bakke Farms - Grenora, North Dakota

I was extremely pleased with the service and the equipment we received from Dayv at Timber Mountain Tech.  I would recommend Dayv to anyone who is looking at a security system.  Not only does the technology work great, but Dayv and his employees deliver Number One Customer Service.  The customer service that is offered by Timber Mountain Technologies is the best that I have ever had.

Travis Mashak, General Manager, Farmers Union Oil - Baker, Montana

The cameras work very well, especially at night.  I can get up, sit in my easy chair and switch to either camera to see what is going on.  I really like using the system at night.  I was worried how snow would affect the images we could see.  Shortly after installing the system we had a storm and by zooming in the camera I could still see everything.

Tim Cowan, Owner, Cowan Ranch - Turner, Montana

If you need a video surveillance solution at an affordable price that is professionally installed in a timely manner, give Dayv at Timber Mountain Technologies a call today. He stands behind his products and is available to assist you in setting up software and smart phone apps either personally or over the phone. Dayv makes it easy and answers questions for us with the best customer service anytime we give him a call for help.

Ken Salois, Director of Operations & Safety - Red Rock Power, Inc. - Havre, Montana