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About Our Company

Rancheyes is a product of Timber Mountain Technologies, a privately owned proprietorship based in Chinook, Montana.  The company was started with local farmers and ranchers in mind, who were looking for quality wired and wireless video products to monitor their cattle during the calving season. This has saved them  trips to and from the barn, hours of lost sleep and of course livestock. This camera has since been adapted to cover lambing, foaling, farrowing, and hatching applications. We are focused on providing specialized solutions for the farming and ranching community and new products and services are being developed constantly, so please, if you don’t see what you are looking for just ask and we will see what we can do for you.

Timber Mountain Technologies has many options of Rancheyes systems available. From a full-blown PTZ setup to a very affordable and effective starter system.  With the quality and options of these systems, there is no reason to not consider this solution. No matter what configuration you choose, the quality and performance will not change.

The Rancheyes System

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Our Systems Provide


Peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected providing less wear and tear on equipment and people, eliminating the need for extra hired help.


An affordable and effective way to remotely view your operation in extreme weather conditions from -45F to 140F and our systems will not disturb animals.


Year round security and monitoring using a small footprint (minimal wiring) with reliable, long range transmission of high quality video surveillance.