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Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

The Livestock Monitoring System (Rancheyes) comes with high quality High Definition color cameras - the best for this application. The camera resolution of 1920X1080(HD) is above the industry standard. The cameras are encased in a durable weather resistant metal housing to provide protection from the elements of high moisture, cold or ammonia. The system consists of the HD color cameras and a weather resistant transmitter box mounted on the outside of your calving / foaling barn. The signal is then transmitted up to 2 miles to the receiver which is located at your viewing location. (Additional receivers can be used to view from other houses on the yard) The receiver is hooked up to a Video Switch or NVR. The two miles distance is possible with the High Gain antennas; objects blocking the Line of Sight of the transmitter lessen the transmitting distance.

PTZcameditedThis camera allows you to monitor large pens from the side of a pole or a barn wall. The pan, tilt, zoom camera has a 4.3 - 129mm lens (30X optical plus 16X digital for a total of 480X zoom) and can see a mile away in daylight so it’s ideal for monitoring large areas. The intelligent infrared vision allows you to see in the dark over 300 feet away. It’s outdoor rated and works in temperatures as low as -45°F.  We also have a more affordable 20X PTZ camera. (20X optical plus 16X digital for a total of 320X zoom)

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